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I was born with a cynical heart, that much is true, but this week has been taxing.  This week and last weekend, which was absolutely the weirdest of my life.  Well, aside from that weekend I crapped a human being out of my body, that was a little surreal.  But these past seven days haven’t been surreal so much as they’ve just been shit.  I’m coping and I know that in time things will certainly get better but that’s just a small consolation while in the throes of readjusting my life.  I’ve learned that sometimes people can fix horrible wrongs…and that maybe they actually will, much to the benefit of their little boys.  At the same time, love can be the total shits.  Counting on someone to be there inevitably means that one day they just won’t.  That I should have seen coming I suppose.  It’s just science I guess.  Or odds.  Or some shit like that…

I know I’m being vague but my gigantic mouth prevented me from not saying something about the goings-on on this here blog.  Life never goes exactly how you want it to and that’s just a dumb expectation.  But when it falls apart, even worse when it falls apart when you least expect it to or when you need it not to the most, it’s devastating.  But it’s also a chance for reevaluation.  Was it worth it?  Of course it was, it always is.  But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t suck ass, right?  It’s just life man.  I’ve come to terms with the fact that things aren’t going to magically revert back to the way that they were and that the way that things were wasn’t nearly as awesome as I thought it to be.  But it’s not all bad, you know.  Good things shall come of this I bet.

In the meantime, expect more doodles that are the exact opposite of the LOVE’s you’ve been seeing for months.  It’s called ‘coping’ scientist.  Look it up in your Psychology textbook :)…


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