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{In need of a vacation. Nothing exotic, just a short jaunt across the state line would do…}


{Much design work, for myself and mom. It’s gonna involve some serious alone time with me and Photoshop because we both need banners and business cards. Here’s the color schemes I’m thinking…}

{for mom – she’s getting some sort of bird motif/scenery and she’s calling it Granny Vine Studio}

{for me – something involving trees, no doubt…}


{Much more bag making. Here’s the inspiration for today…}


{Then there’s this. I’m remiss to point it out because it’s powerful and because I am so strongly supporting another candidate (and have for nearly five years now) that I think would do a much better job (and that’s a total understatement) but he’s on to other work now and my vote has to go somewhere. I should point out though a fact that I think bears mentioning: Obama’s speech writer, the young man who wrote the very speech Barack is giving here, is a 26-year-old white boy named Jon Favreau.}



{i am sam. i make things.}

This is where I detail the goods I make as I'm making them, the music I'm listening to as I discover it, and the inspiration that I stumble upon when I'm in need of it.
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