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Just when I’m bitching about not being inspired Ez does me a solid and points out Ruby Pearl.  Holy shit man…

{Smoke Dress, $92}

{Ruby Pearl Crochet Dress, $130}

{Caldonia Top, $162}

{Mexican Fusion Dress, $275}

Well, that was helpful.  Feeling better about this inspiration thing already.  Thanks Ez :)…


So last night I bookmarked Krissy’s Shop and then checked it and put it on my “Blog About Later, This Stuff Is The Shit” list.  Typically, I try and save up approx. 2.7 gillion links before I put them all out there, just cause I feel like tons o’ links/pretty things to look at is way more fun than just one link.  But Krissy stopped in this morning, left a nice comment on my post yesterday, and I figured since I’d already drooled all about myself and my keyboard over her goods, that one good turn certainly deserves another.  Check some Paper Schmaper below…


{See With Your Heart Gocco NoteCards, $5}


{Damask Wooden Gocco Postcard, $5}


{Just Dandy Gocco NoteCards, $5}


Rad, right?  I’m especially digging what Krissy does with a Gocco and some thin wood.  And I’m in love with  the See With Your Heart notecard – I’m one of those weird people, apparently, who’s never read The Little Prince and as soon as I saw it ideas started churning in my head concerning how I might be able to translate that inspiring quote into a new bag.  She’s taking part in the handmade market over at Poppytalk (where I found her yesterday) and her PaperSchmaper shop is, of course, always open.  And her blog, here, is pretty righteous too, so righteous in fact that I’ll probably spend the next seventeen hours going through her archives.  So, um…see you in seventeen hours :).

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