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Two things real quick…

1. I opened a vintage shop.  And by ‘I opened’ I mean my bitchin’ Moms opened but whatever.  Pop in Homegrown Vintage next time you’re bored out of your gourd.

2. I have to say this and I have to say it in all caps, FUCK CAILLOU!  You know, that kids cartoon about the small child who is still weirdly bald despite the fact that he’s like fucking 8 (his parents should totally get that checked out man)?!  Yeah, that kid.  He’s whiny, borderline retarded (at least), his cat sucks, AND he’s on PBS which means that we must watch it.  And keep in mind people, that I’m telling Caillou to suck goat nuts despite the fact that it’s one of the few cartoons that will actually get The Bug in a chair.  For more than 8 seconds!  Plus, I think Caillou’s neighbor, Mr. Hinkel, is totally a pedophile.  And his dad is a felon.  And his mom works the corner of 8th and Main on Friday nights to make ends meet.  Here, observe:

Alright, that’s not PARTICULARLY annoying but this is not a show parents should be in the room for while their kids watch it intently, lest we all plan out a mass suicide.  And if that happens (please Jesus, put me out of my misery!) I’m taking that weird cat with the blue spots with me…


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