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The Bug is apparently sick this morning (the vomit in his little bed roundabouts 4 am this morning says so anyway) so I am being granted a few hours to myself whilst he sleeps soundly to peruse the internet and just…look.  Shit, am I a fan of looking or what?  Yes, yes I am.  Well, that’s not completely true — I do more than just look, I swear!  In the past two days I’ve put together two custom bags (ladies, they’re on their way!), I’ve sketched out a few more for a Shop update I’m planning for this weekend, and I’ve been feverishly working on figuring out how to scan, import, and color some images I’ve drawn up in Photoshop.  The latter is giving me all sorts of trouble as I’ve got the most basic of knowledge when it comes to that sort of thing but I’m still truckin’.  I’ve never ever thought of myself as any sort of illustrator (because I most certainly am not) BUT that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with expanding my artsy horizons, does it?  I’m sticking to what I know I can do — fontwork — and trying to embellish it just a little with flowers or trees here and there but I’m keeping that part of it small because there’s that huge chance that I’ll letter out something I love and then totally muck it up with a drawing that resembles something a fourth grader would do if I let it get too big.  Anyway, we were talking about looking right?

I’ve been seeing things left and right in the blogosphere about the upcoming silent auction to benefit the Handmade Nation documentary being held at Poketo but I’ll admit I wasn’t all that interested until this morning when I discovered that Renee has a piece up.  That peeked the shit out of my interest and so I resolved to care more about a documentary I know I’ll love and I checked out all the goods that’ll be up for your (and my) bidding.  Favorites…

{Veindeer by Merrilee Challis}

{Flower by Emily Eibel}

{DNA Memory by the aformentioed Renee Garner}

I strongly urge you to check out the whole set here.  It’ll make your Tuesday smile, I promise…


In other “Look What I found!” news, there’s the Renegade Craft Fair approaching in San Fran.  Yet another reason I need to move.  I digress.  More handmade favorite-ness from those most fantastic vendors that will be in attendance…

{Family Bears by Annie Galvin}

{Tree Scrim: Winter Necklace from Ach Ach Liebling}

{read. necklace from Brookadelphia}

{Midwest Sign shirt from Campfire Goods}

{My Favorite Year Necklace (might be mine too!) from Chocolate and Steel}

{The Owls Are Not What They Seem Quilt from Don’t Quilt Your Day Job.  By the way, their tagline — “Quilts for rock stars, babies, and rock star’s babies” — is quite possibly the best tagline ever dudes…}

Damn, that’s a lot already!  Here here people, you want more check them all out for yourself here.


I’ll do my best to pop in and maybe post some new stuff for a little friendly feedback.  Speaking of feedback, question and a sub-question for my peeps.  Has anyone been experiencing issues with gmail lately?  I think my account hates me.  Oh oh, and sub question: Is it better to burn out or fade away?

See you kids soon :).


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