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This should be a 30 days post but…

The Bug was sick for about a week and Sunday, though he hadn’t necessarily gotten worse than he had been, I got that ‘mom feeling’ and took him to the ER.  Turns out his fever was up near 106 degrees and his oxygen saturation was around 50%.  Yeah, I know.  He was rushed into a room where they took him from my arms and stuck him full of needles and stuck him up with tons of little stickers that monitored him.  Late that night we were taken by ambulance to another hospital about an hour away that had the capacity to deal with toddlers that might not be able to breathe on their own.  We endured four days of breathing treatments, drugs, and vital checks at all hours of the day.  Luckily The Bug recovered – it was pneumonia in both his lungs and weirdly he fared much better than some of the other kids as there were 6 that had to have surgery for pneumonia the day we arrived at the hospital…

We’re home now and I’m so glad the ordeal is over.  It was the absolute most frightening experience I’ve endured as a mother and I never, ever want to be back in a hospital (not that I dug them before).  The Bug is back to himself, constantly asking ‘Is it dinnertime now?’ – it’s 7:55 and he’s been asking this question for the past hour – and playing and generally hopping about.

Anyway, I obviously missed out on the 30 days posts and I hate that but such is life I suppose.  I haven’t yet decided if I’ll pick up where I left off but I wanted to pop in and leave a semi-update.  I’ll be back tomorrow, after we’ve settled back into our routine, with more…


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