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God, I hate Mondays.  But here’s a happy bit on a craptacular day — there’s a massive sale going on over at Homegrown Vintage!  The goods I’ve currently got in The Shop have been sitting all over my house for a while now and it’s all getting on my nerves.  After all, where will I put all the new stuff I expect to pick up when I start my new job tomorrow as the eBay guru for my local Good Samaritan’s shop?!  So yeah, we need to make room.  And in an effort to do that I’ve taken 30% off everything.  Get thy self over there now though, sale ends late tonight!


So we (being the Moms and I) ventured out and hit the flea markets on Saturday.  I went into it with illusions of some serious grandeur in my head (despite the measly 10 bucks in my pocket) and was semi-disappointed.  Not that there wasn’t good shit about, because certainly there was, but I figured that armed with my newfound knowledge about all things vintage I’d be able to spot some cool new goods for the Vintage Shop.  But alas friends, it wasn’t in the stars.  I did find a couple things but in usual Homegrown fashion I’m keeping most of it.

{Scored this Primrose Fire King casserole for 2 bucks (because the lid is chipped) at a local antiques joint.  I’d been on the lookout for more Pyrex because I only have a bowl or two (that’s one of them atop the casserole) and apparently, I need another obsession.  So I snagged this, brought it home, and proceeded to peruse PyrexLove for a damn hour…until I realized that I’m a total idiot and the damn thing isn’t even Pyrex.  I still dig the little guy though…}

{The Taylor Smith and Taylor I’ve been eying for a while now.  It matches three tiny bowls I have.  Scored for a buck…}

{A Federal Glass plate.  Dudes, I didn’t even know they made dinnerware!  This was found at this hole in the wall Vets Admin yard sale that they have once a month.  It’s basically a building in the middle of this tiny town close to home that is stocked full of just shit everywhere.  It was 100 degrees in there but I picked up every dish they had.  Thing is, these old dudes have a giant library of price guides behind the register and they know what their stuff is worth.  They had three of these and I grabbed the best one because I glanced at the maker’s mark on the back and quickly assumed it was Fire King.  Got home, took a look, and lo and behold, it’s Federal Glass.  Haven’t been able to figure out the pattern yet but the plate is pretty righteous.  Odds are this will go to the Vintage Shop if I can find the heart to part with it…}

{This wins the award for score of the day.  It’s a handmade vintage tablecloth and let me tell you people, that barkcloth is too perfect for words.  I think there’s one very very faint spot on it but otherwise the whole thing is too cool.  It’s obviously handmade — someone took the barkcloth and bordered it with some fabric they cut to match.  Those little brown flowers and the brown border are fuzzy man!  This one is definitely going in the Vintage Shop…}

{Last but not least, another piece for my Homer Laughlin Yellowstone collection.  I’ve got more of this now than any one thing when it comes to dishes.  While at the antiques joint Mom secretly snatched up the creamer for me…}


So, the ‘exercise in restraint’ title is meant to tell you that I picked up, carried around, and then put down a good amount of cool shit, including but not limited to two vintage radios (three bucks a piece), some Wedgwood plates (though I don’t really like that stuff), a set of Pyrex nesting bowls, and quite a few more tablecloths.  I also restrained myself from picking up vintage quilt blocks, a Franciscan creamer, some Occupied Japan saucers, tons o’ postcards, and a really righteous platter.  I meant to take the camera but in the rush of dropping The Bug off at my sister’s and my sheer retarded excitement it got left behind.  But listen kids, some of these goods AND some of my vintage apron collection, along with fabric, should be in The Shop here in the next day or so.  Until next time…

Dudes, thank f’ing Christ it’s Friday.  Not that I’ve been all that busy this week but for some reason, Fridays put every one and their mother in a great mood, including myself.  Plus, it being Friday means that I’m one day closer to thrifting with the moms tomorrow afternoon and we all know how helpful that is to my mood, right?  Anyway, there’s more in the Vintage Shop today…I’m on a roll with that shit, right?  Some of it’s new but most of it is me being a grown-up and clearing out clutter.  I really can’t believe I’m parting with some of the goods I put in the Shop this afternoon (um hello, vintage tablecloths!) but I’m doing it nonetheless and really it’s all good because this just makes room for more of the same shit.  Yay for shit!  Check it…


{Righteous Retro Magazine Rack}

{Mid-Century Modern Magazine Rack}

{Retro File Holder}

{Groovy Vintage Tablecloth}

{Bohemian Vintage Tablecloth}

And last but not least, a…

{Sweet Little Colonial Mist Corning Mug}


As I mentioned I’ll be hitting up the fleas this weekend so stay tuned for more.  Oh oh, and also!  I’ve got about a bazillion yards o’ vintage fabric that I’ll be adding next week.

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