Homegrown {& the Bug} was born in February of 2008, though it’s seeds had been floating around in the head of Sam (I am!) for quite some time.

The name is a combination of the nicknames of myself, Homegrown, and my son, The Bug.  Though he’s not actually sitting behind a machine putting together rad slightly bohemian yet modern bags and totes and such, he is a constant inspiration to me and without him I would have never taken this path.

In April of 2007 I decided, after much talking it over with a then 2-year-old Bug, to take a few semesters off from college and figure out where I wanted to take my life.  Quite frankly, my son was unexpected (but as it seems to always be with accidents, a huge blessing) and when I gave birth in 2004 I wasn’t sure what would happen with my life.  As I’m a single mom, I didn’t put much thought into anything other than diapers and formula and trying to reconcile the fact that I NOW HAD A KID! and that regardless of what happened in the future, we would be together and he would rely on me alone.

We moved ‘home’ and I left my life, waitressing at a bar and generally being a debauched 20-something.  I went back to school and soon became bored (again) with prerequisites and math and basically anything but writing classes.  Though my life dream is to write for Rolling Stone magazine (seriously, since I was but a wee lass) I’m taking this time off to make sure that a degree is right for me.  And if I fall on my face, I’ll just pick up where I left off and get on making friends with Jann Wenner…

.:: Factual Facts ::.

  • I love music.  I spend a good chunk of most days frantically searching for something that I can stand on a playlist for more than a week.  As such, most of my bags are named after whatever song I’ve got on repeat at that particular time.
  • The Bug is ALMOST SIX!  He talks constantly and now I am fully aware of why it is my father has a hard time saying anything other than “Do you ever SHUTUP?!” to me when I talk for more than 8 seconds.  He carries a doll, Andy, that he’s had since birth and that was handmade for me when I was little – it’s very dirty.  He digs Hot Wheels, The Beatles, Diego the explorer, choo-choo trains, his dog Sally, his bike, & the river, among other things.  [Addendum: The Bug is nearly six.  He NOW digs banjos, Legos, Scooby Doo, and Indiana Jones (the latter REALLY hard).  He enjoys listening to Cotton Jones, The xx, and The Beatles…still.]
  • We are always at home…unless it’s summer (SAD sucks!).  Then you can most likely find us at the river, the lake, or a backwoods creek.
  • We are vegetarians.  And yes, my child gets all his protein from something other than meat.  Amazing, I know…
  • We are also liberals.  Though I could say mountains more about this, I’ll leave it at that 🙂
  • I am not married.  I imagine that I will never be married, not because I’m not good enough or because there’s something wrong with marriage, but just because it’s not for me.  And I’m stopping at the one kid – I was completely serious when I begged my doctor to tie my tubes at age 22.