Evening bitches. After a long hard day at work that was further complicated by shipping issues (how does one pack 27 pieces of Princess House crystal anyway?!) and the fact that due to the rain we’re having here my brain was playing dead, I was so so SO happy to come home and discover that the lovely lovely Erin has put out the newest issue of Mankind Mag.

See that little tidbit up there, the one that states you can SEE ME IN MANKIND MAG?! Yeah, totally not a lie. You can…and you should. I was so excited when Erin contacted me and asked for some of my hand drawn type that I peed myself but that’s another story. What’s important is that I’m in there and now, on top of being a published designer in “A is for Aprons” I can also, at least semi-sorta, call myself published in a magazine as well. Checking another life goal off my list right now…

Thanks go to Erin for even thinking to include little ol’ me in such a wonderful issue. It really is chock full of greatness and I’m still gasping that I’m including in one of those little thought bubbles next to people who’s work I so admire (uh, Chris Piascik anyone?). It was really the much needed happy topper on an otherwise lame day.