Ah, friends, it’s been a while!  But not without good reason.  As I mentioned here and there I started my first real job since the birth of The Bug about two weeks ago and I’ve been busy busy.  Which is weird, because I’m never busy.  Ever.  Anyway.  The job is the most spectacular, quite possibly tailored by some wonderful deity especially for me, job.  Basically, I sit in a room and warehouse of sorts all day surrounded by boxes of things that crazy people in our community have deemed as junk…which is of course my idea of heaven.  It’s like being at a yard sale…all day, and with really good shit.  What’s even more righteous is that I can bid on the stuff I put up for auction at eBay (so can anyone else in the community) and I get to cancel out all the shipping business that usually restricts me from buying stuff there.  And speaking of the community, they seem to be as equally excited about this eBay finally getting off the ground and doing good for our Good Samaritan Center too.  People have been taking our cards by the dozens and even my boss seems to have a renewed interest and excitement in this job that I have, one that they had a hard time finding someone to do before me.  I walked in the other day and she had went nuts in the office and cleaned it up like none of us had ever seen and now a large part of our back room is devoted solely to what I get to do.  Anyway.

I’m rambling but this is exciting dudes!  Okay, maybe just to me but still.  Some of said excitement stems from these glorious goods I either picked up in the actual store or through eBay this week.  Good stuff, good stuff…

{The woman that brought this in for donation said that her husband had it made for her in the 70s and that he’d paid 150 bucks for it.  I, however, picked it up for 2 quarters.  Score!}

{2 Glasbake casseroles.  Got them both in the eBay store for $1.98.  Again, SCORE!}

{Most of this I picked up while on my way out the door on day this week.  I’ve been keeping my eye out for some vintage Tupperware (we just sold a really righteous bread box on eBay today) and the two plates, from what I can tell, are for the kiddies.  That lip catches their junk and the lid is to keep leftovers.  And that clever little green guy happens to be a pickle container.  There’s a piece inside that you lift out to drain all the pickle juice when grabbing some gherkins.  The Fire King mug is one of two that I won on eBay.  All in all: $3.98.}

I know, all that vintage goodness must have you chomping at the bit. You can check our wares (and bid, bid, BID!) here if you’re interested.

In my minimal amount of spare time I’ve been keeping up with the doodle business and I’m really just trying to get comfortable with it before I get to working on it all in Photoshop and perhaps letting you, the lovely masses, have a go at snatching some prints up for your happy little pads.  I’ve also got about a million and three quarters things to put up in the Vintage Shop but I’ve been blowing that off in favor of lounging with The Bug after a day of work.  Stick around though (if you’re not too busy) and I’ll fill you in when I get around to it…