Damn you Urban Outfitters and your occasional awesomeness.  Back up: I’ve been thinking about my type work a lot lately (I do A LOT of doodling) and about how I might go about turning some it into prints for sale to the indie loving masses out there.  Majority of the reason I haven’t yet has to do with me feeling like there are so many people out there better at it than I (hi Renee!) that there might be no point but it’s still something that would make me happy and something I could squeeze in despite the new time consuming job as eBay master for the Good Sam’s.  Sewing up bags just takes to much time and thought on my part anymore but I can doodle wherever I am and it only takes a minimal amount of time, unless I get carried away with it, and I think it’d be a great creative outlet because god knows, I’m happier that way.  Anyway, this morning via Oh Joy! I spotted this business from UO:

Damn!  It’s so similar to this doodle of mine and what I might do with it that I think they’ve officially beat me to the punch:

This is what happens when you procrastinate.  The big hefty stores with all the street cred kick your ass.  Take note kids…