Dudes, thank f’ing Christ it’s Friday.  Not that I’ve been all that busy this week but for some reason, Fridays put every one and their mother in a great mood, including myself.  Plus, it being Friday means that I’m one day closer to thrifting with the moms tomorrow afternoon and we all know how helpful that is to my mood, right?  Anyway, there’s more in the Vintage Shop today…I’m on a roll with that shit, right?  Some of it’s new but most of it is me being a grown-up and clearing out clutter.  I really can’t believe I’m parting with some of the goods I put in the Shop this afternoon (um hello, vintage tablecloths!) but I’m doing it nonetheless and really it’s all good because this just makes room for more of the same shit.  Yay for shit!  Check it…


{Righteous Retro Magazine Rack}

{Mid-Century Modern Magazine Rack}

{Retro File Holder}

{Groovy Vintage Tablecloth}

{Bohemian Vintage Tablecloth}

And last but not least, a…

{Sweet Little Colonial Mist Corning Mug}


As I mentioned I’ll be hitting up the fleas this weekend so stay tuned for more.  Oh oh, and also!  I’ve got about a bazillion yards o’ vintage fabric that I’ll be adding next week.