Ever feel like your brain is really nothing but a weight, not serving any real purpose but to give you bitchin’ neckaches?  Yeah, me too dudes.  I’m scattered, I’m all over the place, and I can’t hold a steady thought…wait, what was I talking about?!  But in the midst of that and dealing with life and breakups and toddlers things are actually going pretty peachy.  Amazing, I know.  I’m grateful for it though people because let’s face it, the alternative is me adopting 12 cats, coating my unseasonal puff paint sweater in cat hair and skipping into the grocery store drenched in feline piss (fun image, eh?).  I wonder if maybe I don’t do better, mood wise and in my head, when my plate just seems too full…

Ah, but speaking of plates, look!

I know you MUST remember the Homer Laughlin Celeste plate I rambled on and on about weeks ago and the other day while thrifting as a remedy to sadness, I found two more plates, that giant bowl, the sugar bowl (sans lid, dammit!), and…wait for it.  WAIT FOR IT!  Those two glasses that I KNOW must go along with the set.  I’ve been researching like a mad woman to find out who might have made them so I can find more but with no luck.  Any clues, my dear friends?

I’ve been filling up the Vintage Shop too kids and let me tell you, the time consuming-ness of it is actually delightful.  Seriously, I get such a thrill from finding something I know someone out there will adore.  Have I mentioned my being a weird ass?  Yeah, there’s that.  Anyway, peruse some of the new and righteous goods…

{Vintage LeeWards Four Seasons Paint by Number Kit.  Even has the paints man!}

{Dyn-O-Mite Glasbake Mugs, bitches!}

{Fire King mug & saucer that was actually reasonably priced at this totally pretentious antique store near me.}

{Some pretty righteous hand embroidered pillowcases that I know someone’s Granny spent hours working on.}

All that and more in the Vintage Shop…PLUS!  A while back someone started cleaning out this house up the street from me that had been empty for years.  The woman died at least 5 years back and the stuff had just been left sitting but apparently the house had been sold and is now being remodeled.  Anyway, the were just throwing the old woman’s cherished treasures by the roadside (so sad!) and I scored hardcore.  There was a bag of vintage dresses (I’ve still got about 10 that need to be photographed and added to The Shop), a giant set of blue Kimberly Fire King mugs and other various vintage mugs, and couches man!  These two old couches, all decked out in velvety damask goodness…too bad they’d been out there for days and had been rained on and ripped up by evil Satan dogs otherwise I’d have grabbed them.  So I grabbed what I could and from a stack of musty smelling books, I snatched up a vintage Singer Sewing Book from 1954, a McCall’s Treasury of Needlecraft (from the 70s I think), and this…

This book, Billy Baldwin Decorates.  Apparently this fellow was some big wig interior designer in the 60s and 70s, even decking out Cole Porter’s Hollywood Hills home.  Anyway, it’s been sitting on the coffee table for months now and turns out, with a little eBay research, that sucker is valuable!  Like, worth 100 bucks or so.  Holy shit people, I know right?!

So that’s that for the thrift portion of today’s blog.  In other news, one of my sister’s good friend’s mother died the other day and she wanted to get her something that she could keep longer than a big, non-smelling bouquet.  She picked up a picture from Jessica, framed it, and I added some fontage to make it pretty and personal.

Turned out cool, methinks, though my ol’ Pops couldn’t decipher what was written.  Anyway kids, until next time (let’s all hope that’s sooner rather than later), keep on truckin’.  I’ll be doing the same :).