In an effort to perk myself up (and you dear readers, of course!) I’ve been doing a lot of yard salin’, thriftin’, and flea marketin’ this past week.  Okay, so I know this doesn’t make you happy but it sure as shit does me.  Anyway, before I heading out to another sale this morning (which happens to be hosted by two of my old high school teachers who totally rock) I realized that I never “officially” opened the Vintage Shop.  Shame!  I know that I mentioned it here and there and that I maybe even went so far as to insert an image or two of something I’d added but I never really got around to really putting it on the books.  So here today friends, let’s open that damn shop!

And as a special bonus for any readers out there that might be afflicted with the same vintage lovin’ bug that I am, a special discount.  Just enter “righteous!” in the Notes to Seller at checkout and I’d be happy to take 20% off the price of whatever vintage goodie you snatch up.  Cool, eh?  I thought so too.