I waited all week for Friday to come just so I could hit up some backwoods yard sales in hopes of scoring some righteous loot.  We hit up the Goodwill and were amazed to discover 5 sales…all on the same street and all next door to each other.  Unfortunately, my excitement was quickly quashed when I didn’t find shit and then ended up getting my little brother’s truck stuck in a ditch because some redneck retard decided that THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD is a designated parking space.  However, the whole day o’ thrift (of sorts) wasn’t a total bust.  My neighbor Jessica did pop in this morning with a giant mushroom cookie jar and a spoon rest to match that she so graciously snatched up for me for a measly 5 bucks.  Can’t find a score like that on eBay!  At our local Goodwill I picked up a set of 5 vintage Branchell Melmac plates and an awesome Taylor, Smith, & Taylor Modern Star saucer for an awesome 50 cents (it just so happened to be buy one, get one free day!).  I’ve been looking for that TST pattern on eBay for months now and though the little guy has seen better days he’ll look cool hanging with the plate collection on the wall I think.  The Bug (who happens to love the yard sales just as much as I) and I also then hit up a yard sale held by a woman who had one just two weeks ago (where I scored that awesome Franciscan platter I’ve talked about endlessly).  It was basically the same stuff…BUT today she had put out a huge square Pyrex dish from the Primary Colors line and it even had a lid.  Scored it for $2.50.  Righteous.  I also picked up a set of six McKee Glasbake Soup mugs in all kinds of retro colors for $3 so that made the day even better.

I also lucked out by hitting up a yard sale held by my old bus driver, Coon (seriously).  He had a brand new and very nice scanner sitting out for a whole 2 fat dollars and when I asked if it worked he said that I should just take it and if it doesn’t toss it out.  When I asked what I should do if it in fact did work he replied that he’d eventually see me somewhere and I could just pick up his “cuppa coffee” tab.  Gotta love small town generosity, especially when it yields me shit I really need.

Some of this stuff will end up in the Vintage Shop (where I also added a few other goodies over the past few days) so stick around for that kids…

In other news, Yard Sale Bloodbath, courtesy of Bohemian Hellhole, courtesy of the lovely Miss Havisham, is currently taking up way too much of my time.  As if I needed another thrift related distraction!