I have dubbed myself the amazing Thrift Master 3000.  I get that my vintage dinnerware obsession is interesting to…well, probably just me but that won’t stop me from posting yesterday’s awesome finds.  The Bug and I sat around the house all morning and when I got bored, I got to thinking about this thrift store that I haven’t been to in forever and a day.  It’s not too far from here, about 20 minutes, and then in my mind’s eye I saw that wall.  That wall, full of stacks and stacks of dinnerware.  Last time I was there I wasn’t in the throes of a vintage dinnerware obsession so I didn’t do much digging.  But now?  Yeah, now I’m all over that shit.

I know that right now these things aren’t worth money.  I get that.  But I feel like these dishes give me some sort of connection to a kind of other world.  Back then, your dinnerware was important.  Meals together, with family and friends, were a big deal so why not use a pretty plate.  We are a house that has a love affair with the paper plate so I feel like collecting all these pretty pieces…well, I don’t know.  But I do know that this stuff makes me happy and that stumbling on a piece I’ve seen before and coveted or a saucer that matches a tea cup I already have is sort of like the joy derived from treasure hunts.

{By far, my most favorite of the day.  Homer Laughlin Fortune saucer, from the 40-50’s.}

{I love, love, LOVE the blue cups.  By the way, anyone know anything about the 3 pieces of blue diamond-y stuff?  It’s not marked but they had a whole set, like saucers, plates, all of it.  I’d love to know what it is…}

{The two up top are by Sabin China (never heard of them), the bottom left is Creative Royal Elegance, and the bottom right is ‘Celeste’ by Homer Laughlin.  Actually, that last one might be my favorite…}

{‘Celeste’.  See, isn’t that pretty?!)

So there’s that.  All of it for 5 stinking dollars.  Awesomeness!  I also picked up a righteous yellow chenille blanket that happens to be in perfect shape for two bucks.  For now, it’s made it’s home on the back of the new vintage couch so you’ll have to meet him later.  More soon friends…