I have a serious issue with thrifting. I am a lover of the pre-loved. While looking around the living room this morning before heading out with The Bug for some early morning goodie hunting, I realized that all but a few items in this room at least were not purchased new. The curtains, the credenza, the vintage shag rug from some old lady’s house that was recently tore down, the chairs, the tv stand, the knick-knacks — all of it used and vintage. Only the lamps, the television, my iron, and my sewing machine were bought new (speaking of that sewing machine, I could even cancel that out — the vintage one that came with the table I sew on in packed up in a closet, along with three other vintage machines). Seriously man, everything here is old. I’d buy new things, HONEST!, if I could just find new goods that fit my design style. I mean seriously people, even Todd Oldham and all his Handmade Modern glory isn’t redesigning the recliner so that it seems to have came from your Grandma’s house circa 1969 (or is he?).

Anyway, the thrift finds of the day. Few, but still glorious enough to make me incredibly happy…


{Almost awesome enough to be considered the Holy Grail of Vintage Finds to a sewist like me. Vintage sewing box full of old notions and such — there’s old wooden spools, a measuring tape, and even a pack of vintage playing cards that have never been opened. Righteous. That’s like, pure happiness in a ratty ass box…}

{TINY PLATES! They’re marked Creative Platinum Star Burst on the bottom. What kind of plates are this small? Anyone? Also, a pretty vintage creamer, and The Bookshelf for Boys and Girls, vol. 8.}

{Soup & Crackers, mofos! Renee picked up one of these same mugs (hers is green) a few days back and was reminded of me, which I thought was totally awesome considering that my Great-Grandma had a set of these in her cabinet that I coveted for years. Now mine, of course, remind me of her too…}


All that thrifting makes me happy!