Summer’s in my small, podunk town full of rednecks remind me of the crazy reasons we choose to live here.  There is a river just down the road (note The Bug above at said river in a makeshift hippy tent).  Even though we live in the middle of ‘town’, our backyard is basically the woods – the owl that lives back there provides endless relaxation noise at night.  We can walk anywhere in a matter of minutes.  Things move slowly here, time nearly stands still, and the stars at night aren’t drowned out by light pollution.  It’s nor perfect here in the buckle of the Bible Belt, but it is nice.  It’s quiet and sometimes that is worth more than a Taco Bell, a mall, traffic, and yes, even a museum or two.

This weekend my good pal Ash came down and we spent our days out in the sun, wearing out The Bug.  We went to the Lake (just half an hour away), we went to the fair (where the kid wasted 9 bucks in quarters bribing a monkey to shake and lick his hand), and we drove out to a resort not far from here for a spectacular fireworks show.  On Sunday, we headed out to the state park were he fed fish.  We saw a dead muskrat that still managed to be cute, a black widow spider in a little cage (who I still think they were really trying to get us to take home), and we’ve decided that as women, it would be totally awesome if we took us fly fishing just so we could get out in the spring with the men and show them up.

Before the weekend hit the Bug and I, along with my mom, hit up the local thrifts and I scored some righteous goods.  I would like to say, honestly, that this stuff will eventually make it’s way to the (other) shop but it’s all growing on me and this stuff might just get lucky enough to live with us forever…


{Oh, scenic picture shellacked onto wood in such a kitschy manner, how I love thee!  Notice the new vintage curtains too, ones that I love so much I might have babies with in the near future.  You can see the before curtains here – they absolutely blew balls…hard.}

{Vintage Melmac saucers.  These WILL be in the (other) shop soon…}

{Royal China, Cavalier Ironstone, Carousel pattern…I think.  Got two…}

{Jamestown China.  I didn’t pick this one up so much for the actual plate as I did the following…}



Also, has anyone noticed it’s Monday?  Blech.  How about a little MuxTape, just to cheer us ALL up…

  • Down River :: Hands down, the BEST muxtape I’ve ever come across, at least in terms of hitting up a bazillion of the bands I’m loving right now – ‘Strawberry Swing’, Andrew Bird, The Avett Brothers, Ryan Adams, Feist, AND Bon Iver.  Mixtape perfection, methinks.
  • Happy Trees :: Cat AND The Beatles?!  Righteous…
  • Wanderlust Bitches :: More Bon Iver, Frightened Rabbits, Sea Wolf, and The National.
  • Bunny Serengeti :: Oh, oh friends, this one is good!  Loudon Wainwright III, Billy Bragg & Wilco, Zeppelin, and the Fleet Foxes.


More soon I’m sure.  I’m cleaning for the day (this is what happens when you take the weekend off to have fun – your house implodes and everything you own ends up in the living room, under the shag rug, and every dish you’ve ever purchased is covered in caked on food…awesome!) in hopes that I can get it done in a timely manner, leaving myself a couple hours to work on some tops I want to put together from some hand embroidered vintage pillowcases I picked up the other day.  Attempt to enjoy your Monday folks, if that’s even scientifically possible…