Seriously.  Woke up, got to my blog reading unaware that something amazing was going to happen today, and put the coffee on.  The Bug ran around the house, alternately putting together his Diego puzzle and crashing his Thomas trains (by the way, he’s convinced that when the trains in the show fall into the “ravine” they’re falling into a “steve”.  One’s child, blurting out “They fell into the steve!!!!!” at top volume is surprisingly hilarious).  I got settled in to my orange desk chair, still in my pajamas, and stumbled upon this

Then I peed my pants.  The Bug and I danced around the living room until we were out of breath and then I fetched my mother, who unabashedly called me ‘famous’.  My blog stats are through the roof and I am ecstatic.  I can’t say a big enough thank you to Holly – I read her blog 20 times a day and have for the last year and a half and her words today nearly brought me to tears (What?!  You get mentioned on Decor8 and see if you don’t weep!).  I love her amazing finds and commentary, I value her opinions and am in awe of her dedication to the handmade community, and I’m so happy that she thinks little ol’ me worthy of a mention.  This has made my day and renewed my desire to work non-stop, to really give this whole idea of running a handmade business out of my (tiny, TINY) home a full-on go.  Thanks Holly!