Yesterday.  Searching for wildflowers to transplant in the woods behind my parent’s house (these woods, despite the fact that they live in the middle of our little town).  My mom and The Bug exploring…

{There’s a creek back there. that I, somehow, wasn’t aware of.  The beavers have built a tiny little dam and the deer ran off when they heard us coming.  Lovely…}

{Just as lovely is my parent’s backyard.  The entrance to the woods behind the house almost looks like a fairytale to me…}

{Up on the old garage…}

{Mom’s green thumb rouses in me the want to create a gorgeous yard at our house even though we rent.  I’m on it lately, planting wildflowers, venturing out to our local nursery (stocked by the Amish, no less), and mowing my heart out…}


Work today despite the fact that the nice weather outside is beckoning me.  More tomorrow.  And as a side, I’m extending that 20% off offer in The Shop for the next two days.  Go forth and take advantage…