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Two things real quick…

1. I opened a vintage shop.  And by ‘I opened’ I mean my bitchin’ Moms opened but whatever.  Pop in Homegrown Vintage next time you’re bored out of your gourd.

2. I have to say this and I have to say it in all caps, FUCK CAILLOU!  You know, that kids cartoon about the small child who is still weirdly bald despite the fact that he’s like fucking 8 (his parents should totally get that checked out man)?!  Yeah, that kid.  He’s whiny, borderline retarded (at least), his cat sucks, AND he’s on PBS which means that we must watch it.  And keep in mind people, that I’m telling Caillou to suck goat nuts despite the fact that it’s one of the few cartoons that will actually get The Bug in a chair.  For more than 8 seconds!  Plus, I think Caillou’s neighbor, Mr. Hinkel, is totally a pedophile.  And his dad is a felon.  And his mom works the corner of 8th and Main on Friday nights to make ends meet.  Here, observe:

Alright, that’s not PARTICULARLY annoying but this is not a show parents should be in the room for while their kids watch it intently, lest we all plan out a mass suicide.  And if that happens (please Jesus, put me out of my misery!) I’m taking that weird cat with the blue spots with me…


Sometimes it’s tough being me.  And most of the time, it’s even harder being me and attempting to run a blog alongside my business.  I’m vulgar.  Really vulgar.   I don’t share the same delicate sensibilities that most successful bloggers (with the exception of course, of Dooce) have, what with all my cursing and inappropriate stories about my child and occasional photos of myself drinking heavily and hanging in a kiddie pool.  My great-granny, while alive, was embarrassed by me even though she loved my ass (I think).  My parents spend most of the time while we’re hanging thinking about how their lives might be different had they raised a proper girl.  My dad tells me to shut up 27 times a day while trying not to laugh at the disgusting questions I constantly ask him (“Hey Dad, do you want to know what an Abe Lincoln is?”).  But I like myself and as we’ve discussed, I like the word fuck.  Anyway, my point is unless you’re running a sex blog the way I talk in real life is certainly not appropriate for what I try to accomplish with this blog.  I’m constantly struggling with whether or not it’s okay to actually publish my thoughts on blow jobs in exchange for some housework done by my significant other (don’t tell him I just said that, DEAR GOD HE WOULD SHAT HIMSELF) or some of the hilarious things I tell The Bug just because he’s three and still has no idea what I’m talking about unless it’s in reference to trains or cheese.  I am unconventional which could be a problem in the sticks where I live and out here in the blogosphere – did I mention how astonished I was that Holly even mentioned my bio because holy shit, I went back and read that and why in God’s name was I talking about binge drinking and accidental pregnancies?!

Anyway, my point is through all the proper and lovely blogs I read, I’ve never really met anyone like myself that was able to pull off talking about design and craft while still talking about how you constantly make your small child thrust his hips back and forth suggestively while dancing because dammit, he’s only three AND THAT IS SERIOUSLY FUNNY.  (Sidenote: Sesame Street is now airing The Ball Show.  The Ball Show DUDES!)  That is until this morning when More Ways to Waste Time alerted me to the total awesomeness that is Reclaiming Miss Havisham.  There’s cursing (“fantastic bitches”), sarcasm, beer, AND CRAFTS!  I’m in loveI feel like I’ve found my soul mate people.

In other news, today I’m gonna make a serious effort to get over myself and come to terms with blog vulgarity.  I’m going to resolve to talk about the fact that yesterday I cleaned up The Bug’s room for the first time in 3 months and found poop (note to readers: DO NOT HAVE CHILDREN UNLESS YOU’RE REALLY INTO SHIT).  Then I’m gonna call my dad and ask if he wants to know what a Rusty Trombone is (another note: DO NOT google that people).

Damn, I hate Mondays! Not that there’s anything that happens on my Mondays to differentiate them from any other day of the week, but I think it’s just that everyone dislikes a Monday. I mean, does Monday sound as fun as, say Wednesday?

Monday linkage for my people is below, the stuff that inspired me last week and kept me going. I’m working on some new things for The Shop (hopefully to go up this weekend) and I think I might be motivated enough to actually throw some home goods in this time. Also, my mom and I are opening a vintage shop this week – we’ve both got too much of that stuff floating around (wait, can one ever have TOO MUCH vintage?!) and need to rid ourselves if it…to make room for new, of course. So stick around for that but since it’s going to happen on a much happier day this week that ISN’T Monday, check this stuff out instead…


{From Steve Powers new book, Steve Powers – Studio Gangster.}

{Almost even better, and a play on Monday, no less…}


{Bluebird Tongue Twister Cushion, £40, via Famille Summerbelle (which is an *excellent* shop, by the way…}




Awesome DIY for things found inexpensively on Craigslist, via Sunset mag. Check it


{Garden Brooch. I’m in love with the work of Melanie Bilenker. See more here…}


{This is why I’m gong back to school for graphic design, so I’ve got an excuse to mingle with righteous bands ’cause I did their gig posters. There’s more damn fine work at The Small Stakes…}


{More DIY awesomeness – Modern Number Coasters, via Modern Cottage}


{HEATHER! I love her so. New Skinny laMinx wall decals via Parklife.}


And of course, Monday MUXTAPE love!


And one last thing…

{You, friend, should totally watch this flick. Wristcutters :A Love Story is based on a short story but I can’t even begin to put into words how righteous this movie really is. My love for Patrick Fugit has reached an alarmingly level, I now wish I was Russian, and I’ve found a new soundtrack to adore (Mushman, anyone?).  And shit dudes, check it out just because it’s got Tom Waits action.  TOM WAITS!  It really is an uplifting movie even though it’s set in a sort of weigh station that suicides inhabit after death. Sounds fun, right? This movie is making me want to write short stories again…badly. And I owe any movie that motivates me to do what I love and put pen to paper a giant thanks.}


That might be all for today. Like I said, stick around for more Shop goodness this week if you’re not too busy 🙂

So last night I bookmarked Krissy’s Shop and then checked it and put it on my “Blog About Later, This Stuff Is The Shit” list.  Typically, I try and save up approx. 2.7 gillion links before I put them all out there, just cause I feel like tons o’ links/pretty things to look at is way more fun than just one link.  But Krissy stopped in this morning, left a nice comment on my post yesterday, and I figured since I’d already drooled all about myself and my keyboard over her goods, that one good turn certainly deserves another.  Check some Paper Schmaper below…


{See With Your Heart Gocco NoteCards, $5}


{Damask Wooden Gocco Postcard, $5}


{Just Dandy Gocco NoteCards, $5}


Rad, right?  I’m especially digging what Krissy does with a Gocco and some thin wood.  And I’m in love with  the See With Your Heart notecard – I’m one of those weird people, apparently, who’s never read The Little Prince and as soon as I saw it ideas started churning in my head concerning how I might be able to translate that inspiring quote into a new bag.  She’s taking part in the handmade market over at Poppytalk (where I found her yesterday) and her PaperSchmaper shop is, of course, always open.  And her blog, here, is pretty righteous too, so righteous in fact that I’ll probably spend the next seventeen hours going through her archives.  So, um…see you in seventeen hours :).

…is the only sunny day we’re to have this week. Damn! I thought Spring was about sun and warmth and flowers and shit. Instead we’re experiencing something akin to the the Flood of Noah. The rivers are up (meaning that The Bug and I won’t be floating anytime soon) and my flowers, that I do a good enough job nearly killing on my own, are in a constant creek. The dog’s have actually been using the new garden as a water bowl. So we’ll be taking advantage of the weather today, going outside to finish up my potting and planting and so that The Bug can get reacquainted with his worm friends, mowing, and getting a much needed suntan on my part. In the meantime, enjoy the goodness below, just some things that are inspiring and keeping me going lately…



  • Tomorrow :: Neutral Milk Hotel, Band of Horses, VAMPIRE WEEKEND!
  • itstoosunnyouthere :: This one’s righteous, kids. Mountain Goats, She & Him, Bon Iver, & The Morning Benders. Also, who the hell is Or, The Whale?! They rock…
  • Oklahoma Hills :: Oh, oh, oh! Willie, Chet, and Dwight! (Oops, I think my country is showing.)
  • Rain or Shine :: Can’t go wrong here, lots o’ The Beatles.


{My heart has been set a-flutter by the Advice to Sink in Slowly Poster Shop. £5, each and every poster. Hell, even with the crappy exchange rate that’s not bad!}


{Treehouse Sketchbook, $36}

The Poppytalk Handmade Market that opened this morning has got me all in a tither. For this installment, it’s paper goods and affordable art and coincidentally, those are two of my favorite things. Plus, Homegrown favorites 12fifteen and Hide N Seek are over there. Take thy self to it now!


{Some Things Are Not Important…so true. Via keri’s Flickr stream.}


{Guillermo Vega is master of the rabbit illustration. Notice that little caption up there? “Fun now, kids later.” Priceless.}


{PippiJoe’s fabric is mightily awesome. I’ve been looking for something to recover my mid century modern lampshades in, the ones that refuse to come clean with just soap and water as they’d promised, and I think this would be perfect…}


{Know what else is awesome? The LaMaga Etsy shop.}


That should be all for today folks. Before I go I just want to again, very publicly and loudly, thank Holly at Decor8 for the mention last Friday. And even more than that, I can’t thank all those that stopped in to leave me a lovely comment – I hope my new friends stick around!

It’s Mother’s Day, the one day a year I can make The Bug give hugs every 8 seconds (one day HE WILL GROW UP PEOPLE! and his long eyelashes will no longer get him off the hook, and then I’ll be bailing him out of jail and attending therapy with him, which I’ll most likely have to fund)  because morally, it’s the right thing for him to do.  This is the one day a year I can expect unabashed respect and that he will not eat my deodorant if I let him go to the bathroom alone.  Today, friends, is supposed to be all about me.

But I can’t but feeling that it’s all about my kid.  Without him, I wouldn’t be…well, me, today.  I’d most likely be that old girl who, yes, was tons of fun, but wasn’t really happy with herself.  I wouldn’t ever know the joy of dancing around at noon, with someone who loves you NO MATTER WHAT, forever and always, regardless of how badly I might fuck him up.  Without him, I wouldn’t know so much about trains and cheese and poop, and there’s no bigger tragedy than that, really.  He’s taught me so much about myself and I cannot thank him enough.  He’s a cool dude.

Yesterday, The Bug (i.e. my mother) gave me my Mother’s Day gift.  It’s an awesome mid century modern credenza, exactly what I’ve been looking for since the day I was born (by the way, to my own mother, thanks for birthing me and all!).  Of course, he didn’t fund the purchase, what with him being too young to work (but when he hits seven man, it’s off to the saw mills), but he was very proud of himself for getting me something that made me happy and I was so stoked that even though he doesn’t get the meaning of today, he smiles too just because he saw me do it…

This morning a funny thing happened, something that all at once showed me how absolutely absurd and rewarding and often times hilarious it is to be a parent.  Jude woke later than I and I heard him stirring.  I figured it was only a matter of minutes before he came running in, full speed, requesting a wide array of the usual things he wants just after the sun has come up – band aids for his funny bone, pickles and lemonade for breakfast, or maybe a round trip ticket to the North Pole.  You know, normal toddler fare.  But instead he screamed to me in the other room, “Mommy!  MOM!  It’s gonna be okay, don’t be scared.”  I sat for a second, wondering what in the hell this little thing that I can’t believe is made from any part of me (not because we’re not alike, but because he is so much more spectacular than me) was going to say next.  More screaming from his room.  “Mom!  Don’t be scared of that monkey!”  Don’t ask, I don’t know.  Apparently, there’s a monkey living in some far off jungle that wishes to do me bodily harm…but The Bug wanted me to know that it would be alright.  I think he meant to say that regardless of what happens, that even if primitive creatures venture here all the way from a foreign rainforest to rip me apart limb by limb, that he’ll still love me.  At least that’s how I, still amazingly and happily in awe of the fact that I am one of those people who is thought about on this day of the year, chose to take it.  He probably just meant to tell me that Curious George is a nice guy or even that the guy in the yellow hat would make a nice daddy, but it’s Mother’s Day and shit man, I’ll take whatever I can get…

Motherhood is not easy, especially when one is going it alone.  I worry everyday that even though I’m one of the lucky ones who manages to live NEXT DOOR to the crackhouse instead of in it, who somehow puts food on the table every night despite my inability to cook (we eat a lot of spaghetti), and who doesn’t have to stick her kid in some hellhole of a daycare while I spend the day worrying about whether or not he’s shit himself and is being tended to properly, that I’m messing him up.  It can’t be easy, stuck in a house with me all day.  It’s certainly not easy being stuck in the house with him all day.  But I wouldn’t have it any other way, you know?  He’s mine and somehow he’s managed to pull off being absolutely perfect despite me.  Of course, I worry that he’s not getting enough Vitamin C, that I probably shouldn’t have let him eat that dirt for lunch (worms and all), or that I should have wiped his ass more throughly after his daily poop because he’ll probably get worms now, for sure.  I worry that he’s picked up my annoying habit of TALKING ALL THE TIME and that he’ll never make friends because most of the ones he has now are my age.  But honestly, I think he’s okay.  And if he’s not, it’s fine, I’ve already started putting money back for his therapy later in life.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you blessed with children out there.  Here’s to hoping that they shut up for 18 seconds today so you can throughly enjoy their presence in your life.  And if they won’t – The Bug never does, says his “mouth is full of words!” – duct tape it up.  It’s Mother’s Day for God’s sake, no one will fault you tomorrow.

Seriously.  Woke up, got to my blog reading unaware that something amazing was going to happen today, and put the coffee on.  The Bug ran around the house, alternately putting together his Diego puzzle and crashing his Thomas trains (by the way, he’s convinced that when the trains in the show fall into the “ravine” they’re falling into a “steve”.  One’s child, blurting out “They fell into the steve!!!!!” at top volume is surprisingly hilarious).  I got settled in to my orange desk chair, still in my pajamas, and stumbled upon this

Then I peed my pants.  The Bug and I danced around the living room until we were out of breath and then I fetched my mother, who unabashedly called me ‘famous’.  My blog stats are through the roof and I am ecstatic.  I can’t say a big enough thank you to Holly – I read her blog 20 times a day and have for the last year and a half and her words today nearly brought me to tears (What?!  You get mentioned on Decor8 and see if you don’t weep!).  I love her amazing finds and commentary, I value her opinions and am in awe of her dedication to the handmade community, and I’m so happy that she thinks little ol’ me worthy of a mention.  This has made my day and renewed my desire to work non-stop, to really give this whole idea of running a handmade business out of my (tiny, TINY) home a full-on go.  Thanks Holly!

I hate to toot my own horn, if you will, but this made me happy…and that’s tough to do early in the morning, pre-the seven cups of coffee I need to begin functioning and while it is raining.

Thanks to Mei-Lynn and Sharla over at Rare Bird Finds for the mention!

Updated yesterday.  Sewing more today, after another trip to the Amish nursery (where last week they had this vintage mid-century modern credenza for OH MY GOD! just 15 bucks!).  More today later, I imagine…

{Peachy Love Bag, $34}

{All You Need Is Love Bag, $29}

I’ve spent the past few days obsessing over embroidery and hand drawn type.  Now I’ve got a serious neck ache…

{Ahhh, love!}

{L, l, and tons more l…}


In The Shop tomorrow…



More tomorrow…

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