I always start these long posts that basically piggyback off some other blog I read…and then scrape them for fear of looking like an unoriginal dipshit (oh, and also, someone chastise me for cursing here so often so I’ll stop…and to spell check myself mre oten).  But I got to thinking about it today (you know, in depth) and decided that because I’m a spaz and crave and love new inspiring things (I try to get inspired more than I actually work – not good) I have a unique ability to point out to you, dear readers, things you might not normally catch at those big craft/design blogs (though admittedly, those are my favorite places).    For instance, it occurred to me that I should pop in and check out TrueUp (why isn’t this blog already in my boyfriend, Google Reader?!).  Then I found this:

Yeah, I know.  It’s fabric from the TrueUp suggested Crybaby’s Boutique.  I really wasn’t too into it when I stumbled on it but then I stared at it for a second and now?  Now, I fucking love it.  I don’t know but we might get married tomorrow at the county courthouse…

Then there’s this.  I’ve been frantically searching for something light and airy and vintage looking for summer shirts – if I wear a tank top in the winter then I need something barely there but still classy (HA!) for the summer, dudes.  I like tiny tops of cotton voile and lace-y shit and I prefer (NAY! Demand!) that they look at least slightly hippy-ish (but not all patchwork-like or with too many peace signs).

Love this

this (though, what the hell can I make out of this?!)…

…and this, which I think would rock as the bottom or top half of a swingy tunic, a la this.

Anyway, I’ll not get too carried away and spoil all the good stuff for you.  But check it out today, if you get a chance and just happen to be in the market for THE EXACT SAME FABRIC AS ME! and also, thanks go to TrueUp for rocking.

Uh, PS people – does no one, NOT A SINGLE SOUL, love Muxtape as much as I?!