During these past few months for some reason I can’t get that phrase out of my head. And it’s funny because typically that type of saying would really piss me off, especially if someone dared utter it to me recently. Today for example – I’m in a foul mood, I only shortly ago realized that we WILL NOT, I repeat WILL NOT, CAN YOU SERIOUSLY BELIEVE THAT SHIT?!, be getting the IRS Stimulus Package. Bummer too, because I’d already picked out a couch and matching vacation to go along with our newfound wealth. I fear my mom is on the verge of a heart attack. My brother borrowed ten bucks yesterday and though I’m not surprised, he did not return it this morning (I know where you live Bro!) Are these things that are driving me up 7 walls today silly?  Yes.  But for the love of God, why are you talking to me, can’t you tell I’M ANNOYED?!

Anyway, this is what just happened. I noticed The Bug outside (read this), digging with such thought. He’s got his cars, his two dump trucks, and a spoon. He’s already brought me two flowers and a pretty leaf, which I’ve sat on the front of computer and am now staring at as I type. He smells like a combination of wet dog, dirt, and Doritos. But he is happy. Then I realized that he’s healthy. We have a home and we’re not hungry. We are alive. And there’s sun outside!

Things could always be worse and despite all the issues I seem to be encountering today (or those that pop up any other day) it’s okay. It really is…

I updated The Shop earlier but just with two bags instead of the two bags and one check book cover I’d intended to add. I’ll save that for this weekend (Saturday, to be exact) when I add the bags I plan on making this week to the store. Without further ado (or rambling about things that no doubt are sucking out your happy soul as we speak), the update…


{It Is Okay Bag, $41}


{The Joy Bag, $37}


The rest of the list for today reads as follows:

  • Make paper birds
  • Read – it’s Two Book Tuesday, a new practice for me that entails reading both of the books I pick out at the library every Tuesday morning with The Bug. On deck today: Into the Wild and Under the Banner of Heaven, both by John Krakauer…
  • Head to the park. “I need a sippy/car/toy/leaf/’noder spoon, THE PARK, THEEEEEEEE PARKKKKK,” The Bug keeps repeating.

That sounds glorious, right friends? Should help the mood some, a little sunshine, maybe picking some flowers, listening to the boy go on and on while flapping his hands wildly about how warm it is and how he doesn’t even need a jacket and I swear Mom, just underwear would be fine out here, REALLY!

I’ll pop in tomorrow with inspiration a’plenty. And in the meantime remember, it’s all okay…