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Dudes, it’s supposed to be 77 degrees today!  77!  I only say this while knocking on wood, but methinks Spring has officially arrived.  In honor of such, how about 20% off in The Shop today?  Sounds like a plan, Stan…

{Enter “SpringIsHere” in the Notes to Seller at checkout and wait for a revised invoice.}

In other news, I’m trying to clear out The Shop for the goods I’ve been working on this week.  One new bag down yesterday and I’m feeling mighty productive with the weather report and all today.  So, stop in The Shop if you get a chance or leave a comment here just to say howdy.  Also, if you’ve been thinking about a custom bag (which I’d love to make for you, of course) I’ll offer 20% on that too.  Just me a holler…


{It frosted here last night which meant that I spent time outside in the cold covering my new plants with fabric and chasing off puppies who were amused by the vibrant colors of the vintage fabric I used.  Shame, I know.  There’s nothing but work, work, work today but I shall return tomorrow with some evidence to show that I do more than blog and ‘get inspired’ all day.  See you then – for now, enjoy some of my favorites…}

I always start these long posts that basically piggyback off some other blog I read…and then scrape them for fear of looking like an unoriginal dipshit (oh, and also, someone chastise me for cursing here so often so I’ll stop…and to spell check myself mre oten).  But I got to thinking about it today (you know, in depth) and decided that because I’m a spaz and crave and love new inspiring things (I try to get inspired more than I actually work – not good) I have a unique ability to point out to you, dear readers, things you might not normally catch at those big craft/design blogs (though admittedly, those are my favorite places).    For instance, it occurred to me that I should pop in and check out TrueUp (why isn’t this blog already in my boyfriend, Google Reader?!).  Then I found this:

Yeah, I know.  It’s fabric from the TrueUp suggested Crybaby’s Boutique.  I really wasn’t too into it when I stumbled on it but then I stared at it for a second and now?  Now, I fucking love it.  I don’t know but we might get married tomorrow at the county courthouse…

Then there’s this.  I’ve been frantically searching for something light and airy and vintage looking for summer shirts – if I wear a tank top in the winter then I need something barely there but still classy (HA!) for the summer, dudes.  I like tiny tops of cotton voile and lace-y shit and I prefer (NAY! Demand!) that they look at least slightly hippy-ish (but not all patchwork-like or with too many peace signs).

Love this

this (though, what the hell can I make out of this?!)…

…and this, which I think would rock as the bottom or top half of a swingy tunic, a la this.

Anyway, I’ll not get too carried away and spoil all the good stuff for you.  But check it out today, if you get a chance and just happen to be in the market for THE EXACT SAME FABRIC AS ME! and also, thanks go to TrueUp for rocking.

Uh, PS people – does no one, NOT A SINGLE SOUL, love Muxtape as much as I?!

Mondays generally suck.  I clean on Mondays, the house that I left untouched over the weekend because DUDE!  it’s the weekend!, and I hate cleaning.  Perform a little deduction there and you’ll discover why it is the day that starts with ‘M’ is my least favorite.  But Muxtape helps.  Feel better about your start of the week, just click away…

Special tip of the hat goes to THE Rob Gordon – “The making of a great compilation tape, like breaking up, is hard to do and takes ages longer than it might seem. You gotta kick off with a killer, to grab attention. Then you got to take it up a notch, but you don’t wanna blow your wad, so then you got to cool it off a notch. There are a lot of rules.” – master of  Top Five Lists & the mixtape…

I’ve been trying to think of something to write about today, simply because instead of doing that I lazed about half asleep, super sore, and dreaming of getting back into the yard again on the next warm day.  But then, just now, I stumbled over here (and this is important because it means that now I have something to talk about)…


{1950’a Franciscan China Serving Platter Set, $49}


{1958 Salem China Biscayne Tea Set, $12}


{Vintage Tin Floral Recipe Box, $6.50}


Deco Salt & Pepper Shakers, $7.50}


Sirkus rocks.

Yesterday, somehow, I managed to not include one of the coolest gardening stores around: GRDN in Brooklyn.  Billed as goods for the urban gardener I still think they’d work perfectly for our little town garden – even though the space that we occupy is so small and the area of the yard that we have left to fill with flowers, herbs, bushes, and little trees is tiny as well, we’ve still got much more, I expect, than most city gardeners.  See what I mean…


{Victorian Pot, $24}


{Bird Table, $159}


{Latin Plant Markers, $21.  I have a feeling that sometime next week, when all my new (and expensive) buds retreat and die I’ll be wishing for a ton of ‘Platum Whyidbuyum’ plant markers…


{Eva Solo Rain Gauge, $108}


{Organic Parsley Rice Hull Garden, $16}


Good stuff, right?  Expect more of this garden nonsense tomorrow – we’re expecting the opposite of today’s weather (rain and wind…but still better than snow, I’ll say) and I’ve got plans for my men (The Bug and The Boy, that is).  The yard needs mowed, trees that are still down and rotting from last winter’s hellacious ice storm need chopped, and we need a fire pit in the backyard, along with some new swings hung.  I suspect I’ll be taking lots of photographs, to preserve how pretty it is out there now…before my anti-green thumb kills it all.  See you tomorrow in the sun!

…as I type, my son, The Bug, has, in an effort to not take a bath and clean his dirty little toes and fingers, laid down between the tub and the toilet. And now he can’t get up (I’m not sure why…gravity?). And being that I’m a good mom I should help, I know this, but sweet mother of God, how is “Mommy, ME. STUCK. NEXT. TO. THE TOILET! ME. NEED. SOME HELP TO GET OFF THE TOWEL…HEYYYYY!” screamed while both laughing and crying not just too funny to stop?! And yes, I get that I have a problem. Blogging about something such as one’s helpless child stuck next to a toilet is totally inappropriate but sweet Jesus, if only you were here. God, I should start taking advantage of Youtube…

I had planned this sweeping epic of a post for today about how Spring is so fantastic and that I couldn’t be more joyful about it’s arrival but the rain came last night and has fouled up my plans to photograph the new plant beds I put in yesterday. Such is life. But instead, while searching various outlets for bits and pieces to spruce up our new fragrant front yard (and upon instruction from Holly over at Decor8), I ran upon tons of goods that are inspiring (and pushing my wallet) as much as Sweet Alyssum and Lantana’s have been for the past two days. Observe…


{All from Anthropologie, l to r)

1. Speckled Pot, $18-28

2. Recycled Bottle Lantern, $18

3. Acorn, Sweet Acorn Birdhouse, $38

4. Calendula Runner, $42. Doesn’t this thing look suspiciously like this? Thought so…


{Vintage Footed Planter, $10, via SweetRice}


{Lounge Watering Can, $98, via MoMA}


{Heavy Metal Garden Snail, $55, via Sundance}


{The Charleston Rope Chair, $90, via Outback Chair Company}


{All from Uncommon Goods, l to r}

1. Bluebird Wall Mount Birdhouse, $50

2. Gnomes-Be-Gone with Gnomes, $125

3. Egg Bird Feeder, $135


{Pinecone Wind Chimes, $24, via GI Designs}


{Garden Seating Mushrooms, £125, via Forest Crafts} Side note: I’m looking at these from a DIY perspective. The Boy can wield a chainsaw like a lumberjack and I’d much rather pay him with dinners and IOU’s to watch baseball instead of PBS than shell out the cost of these, what with the value of the dollar being as it is. That said, they are adorably perfect, right?


More tomorrow friends. If it’s raining in your neck of the woods get out and enjoy the weather so that I may live vicariously. And finish digging the weeds out of last year’s flower beds while you’re at it…

…but it’s quite possible that fuck is my favorite word.  Ask any acquaintance of mine and they’ll vouch.  (Amazingly, The Bug doesn’t curse despite my mouth – I am chastised on a daily basis by him for the way I talk more like a dirty drunk sailor on a three week bender and less like a proper mommy.)  I remember one of my favorite friends literally forcing my sheltered and very underage self to curse for the first time on the grade school playground – our friendship and my penchant for swear words has endured.  Thus, I love RarRar Press

{And letterpress for the less foul-mouthed…}

Perfect, right?  More of Rebecca Ann Rakstad’s work here.  You’re fucking welcome…

{via my Flickr Favs :: hit up the pic for credits…}

I’m working today but the weather is so nice I can hardly think of anything but Spring.  Hope your day is as sunny, beautiful, & inspiring as ours…

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