I know, I know, I’m constantly rambling on and on about how I MUST! have something to listen to…at all times. And it must be fairly new (to me, at least). Of course, this poses a problem – I can’t really spend ALL morning frantically searching my friend the internets for new tunes, you know? Sometimes though I luck out and one of the many music blogs I read does all the legwork for me. Thanks goes to poor Heather, who might possibly be the only music blogger in the entire world not at SXSW. Meet The Archibalds, my friends…

{Muzzleloading Evangelicals, from O Camellia :: buy}

{Sinking Ships, from O Camellia :: buy}

I heard it…and immediately loved it, emailing it to all my friends of the same musical persuasion and hoping to Hippie Jesus that The Fellows Archibald might make a tour stop somewhere near me in the future. No luck there, but at least I’ve the music and new fodder for the playlist today, right?


In other news, the cable’s gone. Seriously. It’s tougher than I’d imagined but not nearly as bad as I’d anticipated on The Bug’s end – he’s perfectly content watching The Polar Express ALL. FUCKING. DAY. LONG! Thankfully, this morning G(ranny) popped in with this:

Seriously, you’ve seen Milo and Otis right?! Dudley Moore narrates dudes! Needless to say, I’m a little excited this glorious piece of my childhood (thanks to my animal lovin’ Great-Granny) is back in my life and that The Bug is enjoying it. I need a break from our March Xmas people…


Remember that Buckwalter fellow I mentioned yesterday? Apparently, he’s good people and this morning I’ve been perusing his Flickr stream – here – and his blog – here.


You’d like to see more art, you say? Here to help friends, I’m just here to help…

{Bearded Man: check. Trees: check. I’m in Heaven.}

More from Hope Gangloff here.


BONUS TUNE-AGE! Hooker (you dick) saw Levon Helm (I so should have named The Bug Levon, man!) the other night and I hate him. Then he said that Clarence Clemmons came out onstage…and I hate him more now. I’ve seen Clarence in action – BRUUUUUUUCE! – so I’m cool on that but just because it’s rainy here today, overcast, and so not as nice as it was yesterday, this tune is perfect for the playlist…

{Levon Helm (& The Band?), Atlantic City :: buy}


Last but not least friends! I did some work on Mom’s store last night and I’ve got some things up. Sneak a peek, why don’t you?

{Granny Vine Red + Block Crocheted Quilt, $150}

I’m working more there today so hit up her store later if you’re so inclined, for more crocheted goodness…


I’ve got a total of three bags working today, two new for the Shop and yet another for a custom order that’s turning out fan-awesomely-tastic, if I do say so myself. Provided the rain subsides, I’ll pop in with some naturally lit shots of the goods…

{Oh, WAIT!  As far as sites go, isn’t this the most gorgeous thing ever?!  Thought you’d agree…}