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Yet another dreary day here (rain, thunder, lightning, and the like) but I’m trying to stay optimistic despite the lack of sun.  The wonderful glorious-ness that is Netflix is dropping a new DVD in the mail for The Bug today and that alone is reason enough to celebrate – no more Polar Express PEOPLE!  Actually, yesterday I realized that via Netflix you can watch a few choice movies on your computer so I distracted the kid with this:

And yeah, he actually watched it!  Astroboy is apparently from the early 80’s (though I’ve never heard of it) and he ended up begging to watch the entire first season.  So much for not having cable, so that the kid’s brain doesn’t rot right out of his head.  Hmph…

Furthermore, we’ve also watched The Boy Who Wanted To Be A Bear about a zillion and a half times (amazingly, STILL better than PE!).  I only wish there was a way to find awesome kid-centered movies from outside the US.  This is apparently from France…or Japan?  Shit, I don’t know.  Anyway, it’s about a little eskimo boy who’s abducted by a polar bear for his wife, because her newborn cub was stillborn.  The boy is raised by the polar bear, until his jerky dad finds him, takes him home, and messes up his life.  The movie also features a shot of animated lady bush too, so it’s status as a kid’s movie is debatable but the kid didn’t seem to notice the girl parts floating up onscreen so I’m letting it go.  Plus, there’s all sorts of vision quests the kid goes on to become a real bear and they’re awesome to me, so it’s even more awesome to watch The Bug digging it…


I did some work yesterday on a custom bag, cleaned our (awfully) tiny house, poked at the floor heater for two hours after it quit working, and stared out at the rain.  And watched A LOT of Astroboy.  And I did this:


New bag and check out that trim!  My neighbor Jessica’s got some left in her shop so you should snap some up to.  I swear it, if there’s a trim out there that describes me perfectly, it’s this one right here…


I did some work in the kitchen too (which should have been work that was devoted to finishing painting the room – seriously, there’ve been bare spots on those tan/white walls for months now!).  There’s an antique store pretty close to us and while it’s mostly primitive shit I could care less about there is one booth that never lets me down, full of vintage tablecloths and towels.  Check it…

That’s one of the towels right there kids.  1981 man, 1981.  I was but a wee glimmer in my parent’s eyes.  On the left is some super quick embroidery (to draw your attention away from the unpainted top of the wall) and on the right are a few of my handmade aprons…


This last little personal bit must be shared…

{This is Zoe…}

Look, here’s the thing: I don’t particularly like kids.  I have one yes, and I love him to tiny little pieces but generally kids give me a weird vibe.  They don’t talk, they only sometimes walk, and they require adults to clean up their shit.  So when it comes to kids there’s really only three I tolerate – The Bug and my two nieces.  This is one of my nieces.  And she is adorable.  So adorable that every time I see her (daily) I squeal with glee and go into convulsions over her cheeks and her toddling about, mumbling while she thinks she’s truly participating in some philosophical discussion.  When Zoe’s around, I turn into my Great Granny, boxing jaws too hard and scaring the poor thing off with my high decibel declarations of love.  Poor thing.  She what it’s like being related to me?


In other news, I sold my first bag…and I’m super happy about that!  Methinks this bodes well for the store.  I’ll be back in a sec with some inspiration I’ve been digging lately so stay tuned friends…


I snuck a few new things in The Shop yesterday. Here’s a refresher course, if you will…


{Tell Georgia Bag, $43}


{Skinny Love Bag, $42}


{Wash Away Bag, $39}


{Good Days Bag, $23}


Ah, it feels so good to actually have some of that done! I’m working on a custom bag today and some embroidered pouches (and they’re on the cheaper side for those of you broke-asses like me) for the Shop and I’ll have them up in a few days no doubt. Also, I’ve been finding tons of inspiration lately, thanks to my friend the internets, so I’m stopping back in today with more goodness. Stick around folks!

{ Shop’s OPEN! }

It’s Sunday. While most God-fearin’ Christian folk around these parts are readying themselves for church and the subsequent shopping trip they will make afterwards (this is if they don’t decide to go all out, get all crazy, and head 20 miles out of town to the elderly mecca that is the VF OUTLET MALL PEOPLE!) The Bug and are watching The Polar Express. A-fucking-gain! And actually, when I say that he is watching the movie I mean that he is schlepping massive amounts of toys from his messy ass room in to the living room, while managing to simultaneously drive his multiple choo-choo-trains (equipped with absolutely the most annoying bell I have ever heard) around and still occasionally glare at me, as if to say “Dammit woman, don’t you DARE turn off that movie or I swear by Santa, I WILL EAT YOUR SOUL!”. Ah, I love Sundays…

Last night, while the little big one and I were at my sister’s house for some deliciously homemade (read: DiGiorno) pizza, The Fella unexpectedly stopped in to notify me that he was barbecuing and that yes, I would eat some steak and of course that HELL YES!, he is occasionally awesome out of the blue. I only wish I’d taken pictures of the feast (but the thought of even doing this, busting out my camera over something as simple as a fucking meal that I did not have to cook and that did not, I repeat DID NOT, come from a can, seemed totally ignorant. Also, he would have totally made fun of me for hours) so I could post them here, if for no other reason than I could use them at a later date to prove to my mother and my tiny (tiny) readership that yes, we do eat non-canned food.

Today, after I perform my usual routine of dicking off on the internet until at least noon, I’m sewing. My sister, I think, might even pop in after church (you know, provided she’s not at the VF) to help out which I will most definitely have to photograph because the girl, bless her little heart, does not have a crafty bone in her body and if what we’re doing isn’t wrapped in hairspray, caffeinated soda, babies, soap operas, or country music, she’s not going to give two shits about it. I’m also adding to the store. Seriously dudes. I’ve put it off long enough and my hysterical worrying that no one will like me has gotten out of hand so I might as well show some initiative and cut that shit off before it continues. And really people, it’s that or continuing to memorize the damn movie while dreaming of going to the North Pole via Amtrack and slicing Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick’s throat.

Stick around people…

I know, I know, I’m constantly rambling on and on about how I MUST! have something to listen to…at all times. And it must be fairly new (to me, at least). Of course, this poses a problem – I can’t really spend ALL morning frantically searching my friend the internets for new tunes, you know? Sometimes though I luck out and one of the many music blogs I read does all the legwork for me. Thanks goes to poor Heather, who might possibly be the only music blogger in the entire world not at SXSW. Meet The Archibalds, my friends…

{Muzzleloading Evangelicals, from O Camellia :: buy}

{Sinking Ships, from O Camellia :: buy}

I heard it…and immediately loved it, emailing it to all my friends of the same musical persuasion and hoping to Hippie Jesus that The Fellows Archibald might make a tour stop somewhere near me in the future. No luck there, but at least I’ve the music and new fodder for the playlist today, right?


In other news, the cable’s gone. Seriously. It’s tougher than I’d imagined but not nearly as bad as I’d anticipated on The Bug’s end – he’s perfectly content watching The Polar Express ALL. FUCKING. DAY. LONG! Thankfully, this morning G(ranny) popped in with this:

Seriously, you’ve seen Milo and Otis right?! Dudley Moore narrates dudes! Needless to say, I’m a little excited this glorious piece of my childhood (thanks to my animal lovin’ Great-Granny) is back in my life and that The Bug is enjoying it. I need a break from our March Xmas people…


Remember that Buckwalter fellow I mentioned yesterday? Apparently, he’s good people and this morning I’ve been perusing his Flickr stream – here – and his blog – here.


You’d like to see more art, you say? Here to help friends, I’m just here to help…

{Bearded Man: check. Trees: check. I’m in Heaven.}

More from Hope Gangloff here.


BONUS TUNE-AGE! Hooker (you dick) saw Levon Helm (I so should have named The Bug Levon, man!) the other night and I hate him. Then he said that Clarence Clemmons came out onstage…and I hate him more now. I’ve seen Clarence in action – BRUUUUUUUCE! – so I’m cool on that but just because it’s rainy here today, overcast, and so not as nice as it was yesterday, this tune is perfect for the playlist…

{Levon Helm (& The Band?), Atlantic City :: buy}


Last but not least friends! I did some work on Mom’s store last night and I’ve got some things up. Sneak a peek, why don’t you?

{Granny Vine Red + Block Crocheted Quilt, $150}

I’m working more there today so hit up her store later if you’re so inclined, for more crocheted goodness…


I’ve got a total of three bags working today, two new for the Shop and yet another for a custom order that’s turning out fan-awesomely-tastic, if I do say so myself. Provided the rain subsides, I’ll pop in with some naturally lit shots of the goods…

{Oh, WAIT!  As far as sites go, isn’t this the most gorgeous thing ever?!  Thought you’d agree…}

I’m planning on putting on my “I’m the most awesome errand runner!” face today but before that there’s this:

{Kodak Digital Print, 20×20, $400}

The work of Timothy Buckwalter seriously blows me away.  Check out more here if you’re so inclined.  I’ll pop in later with some WIP (new bags people, NEW BAGS!).  Also, real quick like: I’m sticking with the embroidered shiz on the bags but I’m wondering, anyone have any ideas about things other than ‘love’ I could machine stitch on them?  I dig the love, truly I do, but it feels redundant (and I’ve only done two bags!).  I’ve got some ideas in the sketch book – ‘You Belong Here’, ‘All You Need Is Love’, etc. – but any help would be greatly appreciated folks…

Dude, check this out. Seriously, CHECK. IT. OUT!

{gouache on paper, 24×19, $400}

Currently obsessed with the work of Mike Montiero. View more here

Parents are on an over-the-road trip (in the diesel…together…they’re nuts) to Florida. Orlando, to be exact, which I feel like must be the capital of retirement homes and those peachy plastic flamingos and overly-tanned old ladies. Point is, Mom stole the camera (I. NEED. PICTURES. OF. A. BEACH. TO. SURVIVE. WINTER!) so I’ve got nothing personal. I do however, have the following:


{Holy shit! Must have. via GigPosters}


{STOP! via Flickr Song Chart Pool}


{Hi Bear! Bye Bear! via Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre – it’s glorious, get thee ass there now}


{Kristina Collantes textile work. Check the album covers too kids…}


{Blue & Bell Necklace by Brevity. Thanks go to Jo for recommending Supermarket}


{Speaking of Jo, she’s letterpressing now! Hanging Circles Letterpress Coasters, $12, via 12fifteen}


{Botany Bay Deco Glider by Mulberry Street, $1595. via Shelteriffic}


{Adorable right? It’s the Young @ Heart Choir folks. Watch more here…}


{God, I love hippies. It’s a Rainbow Gathering kids, A RAINBOW GATHERING! Who wants to accompany me this year?}


More tomorrow, when the camera makes it’s triumphant return from the land of sand and surf…

The Bug’s new favorite song.  We’ve been listening all morning, as he dances his little peace-lovin’ heart out in his chair.  It involves a choo-choo train.  ‘Nuff said…

I’m sure by now most of you who read shit tons of blogs like I do have heard about 52 Nights Unplugged. You have, right? Well in case you were too busy perusing and happened to miss it here’s the lowdown: Ariel has decided that her life is too connected to the internet and television and cell phones (of which I do not own…I hate phones, much to the chagrin of my friends and family. We don’t even have a land line. Scary, yes? No, it’s actually glorious!) so one night a week for an entire year she is unplugging all those things that she is linked to. Yeah, all of them. Makes one a little nervous when thinking of doing the same, eh?

Once a month I send $110 to our cable company, who so graciously provides me with super fast internet and The Bug with an endless supply of kid’s cartoons. I’ll admit it, the kid spends a lot of time in front of the tube…well, not so much in front of it but more running through the living room and stopping to stare for a good ten minutes while on his way elsewhere. But even then, I imagine that if I were to add up all the time I let him stare too closely at the tv, I’d be more than ashamed of myself. There is no substitute for learning things by getting in trouble and breaking a truck before he tries to figure out how to put it back together. What I’m saying is that the damn television isn’t helping him. The kid’s been watching Dora since he was born and still doesn’t speak a lick of Spanish for God’s sake! Every month, when I send off that large chuck of money that we certainly shouldn’t be spending on something as ignorant as cable (400 channels? Too much.), I tell myself that this is it. Next month I’m calling an cancelling…or at least whittling down, maybe to just some basic cable that provides us access only to the news and say, Nickelodeon. But it never happens. And again, that next month rolls up and I’m irate at the fact that I’m sending out more money we don’t have for a service that is doing nothing for our little family unit. Granted, at night The Fella and I like to sit in our respective chairs and unwind with a little History Channel but is it necessary? Shouldn’t we be talking about our day instead? Gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes? Alright alright, I’m not really a loving gazer BUT you get my drift. The Bug and I should use our brains more often and the television is doing nothing but making that harder…

Today, as I call the cable company to give them yet more of my hard earned cash (you know, my remaining $100 that isn’t going towards our nearly $500 utility bill) I’m cancelling that service…or dis-service, if you will. I’ll keep the super fast internet of course, as it is how I hope to help pay the bills through my store, but I’m also going to cut down on the time I spend out on the interweb too. Seriously folks, there’s another area that I would definitely be ashamed of myself if I actually kept track of all the hours I’ve wasted here. I’ll still blog, I’ll still read my favorite blogs, and I’ll no doubt continue to waste a little bit of time here and there but I’m gonna stop this train before it gets too out of hand. The Bug is three and I’m 25 years old – there are much better things we should be doing with our time…

My hope is that I might actually get some work done. Besides the usual distractions associated with a crazy little toddler, the internet just doesn’t help. Yeah, I might be able to tell you about George Clooney’s new girlfriend or what the Married To The Sea comic was about today, but that doesn’t make me any money. Jude might be able to fill you in on the latest happenings with Spongebob but I’d prefer if he could actually sing the entire Alphabet Song, as opposed to just the end (“Now I know my ABC’s, next time won’t you sing with me?” at the top of his lungs). And I hope that this makes my time on the internet more productive – just work. Well, maybe a little play but still 🙂

Anyway, that’s that. I’m working on a custom bag today and I’ll pop in with some pictures here in the next few days so stick around if you’re so inclined…

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