[NOTE: We’re pretending together, as a sweet little group friends, that I was here yesterday. I’d give you the reason – sick grandpa being sent away from my parent’s house in an ambulance, the sick Bug (still), and of course, Valentine’s Day (which has officially been renamed Van Halen-tine’s Day around here) – but blog excuses annoy me :)]

I like the internets. A lot. Matter of fact, I always have. I remember that two of my friends were the offspring of pretty wealthy people and as such, had the internet when the rest of the world did not. And it was awesome. It’s always been to me an incredibly rad source of knowledge and general shit you didn’t know you needed to know (thank God for Wikipedia!). Once I got the internet at my own abode, it was always a refuge. Dick around for a second or two and it’s easy for things to snowball. For instance, just a bit ago I was over at the The Bedlam of Beefy and I stumbled upon this:

I balked at first over the credence that Uncle Beefy was giving to this video but seriously. It’s the most sincere and genuine thing one might find on the CrapBin that is YouTube (and yet, I still love it). Yes, it’s a sappy wedding video but damn, it is spectacular, is it not?! From the video I tracked down one Josh Goleman, apparently a cinematographer and photographer. He’s got a blog, so I went there, intrigued and honestly, blown away by the video that he did for Chap and Maura. Josh, in his spare time I suppose, likes to photograph bands and show me a picture of an interesting looking indie band, preferably including a member with a beard, and I’m on that shit. Weirdly, I’ve got the ability to look at a band and tell you right off if I’ll like their shit – call it my “This will absolutely NOT PAY THE BILLS but it’s sure cool” power, kind of like being a psychic. Anyway, Josh digs The Secret Life of Sofia (here’s their Myspace, for your listening enjoyment) so of course, I’m checking them out and lo and behold, they kind of rock my face off!

While over at Myspace I decide to use it for the only thing it’s good for (but really really good for) and that’s looking for new music. From the music page you can saunter on down towards the bottom and the’ve got every musician on Myspace listed by genre. I’m still pissed that I can’t pick one category and then sort of amend it to include a SUB-category (“SUB-category: Is it better to burn out than to fade away?”) so I could go all Folk/Rock/INDIE on Myspace’s ass but anyway. From there, I found From the Clay. Two things: a male somehow associated with this band says that he will “never shave my beard” and secondary, the first note of the first song I hear involves a banjo. Yeah, I’m good. BUT even better than that, I got here. Mmm, Seabear, how did I not know of your lovely strumming and folky violins and lilting vocals all the way from Iceland Seabearia?! Lord friends, listen to this:

{arms – from the album The Ghost That Carried Us Away :: buy}

{seashells – from the same album, naturally}


And now I’m spent. But I’ve saved some other ‘stumbled upon’ and other pertinent goodness for tomorrow friends :)…