Yesterday I worried about losing power and I rambled on and on about how in the event of such a disaster occurring it would be just fine around here because we were some of the luckier few that would still have heat and the ability to cook. Spoke to soon friends! While we didn’t lose power over the inches and inches of ice we got, the sleet falling off the roof of our house did manage to freeze over our electric meter outside and that resulted in the basic loss of pressure in our natural gas line. That meant that we still had a little hot water stored up in the heater but that turning on the stove gave me nothing but a headache from the stench of gas and standing over the old heater in our floor did nothing to warm my skinny bones. I got a hold of city utilities whose official response was “We don’t do service calls” – uh, what?! So I’ll admit, that poor women got a call back from my freezing ass after I phoned EVERY number in the phone book, looking for someone to brave the ice storm so they could come out and and fix this mess while charging me outrageous ignorant amounts of money for a job the city SHOULD do for free. Eventually the city took responsibility when they realized that the meter was the issue and a nice old man came over, proceeded to bullshit with my dad and The Bug for a couple hours, and eventually remedied the issue…but not after my body temperature had dropped to a dangerous 4.2 degrees. I shit you not my friends!

This morning I’m lucky enough, thanks to the weather, to get to skip out on an appointment that I scheduled WAY too early in the morning (seriously self, 9am?!) because everything in town is literally locked and boarded up. So that leaves the day for more sewing. I think instead of starting more bags or finishing the few I’ve got laying here I’ll work on finally putting my bags and bags of scraps of fabric to good use and make some book covers. I’ve been meaning to find some smaller projects that won’t take days to finish and don’t require me coming up with a pattern from start to finish because let’s face it, with my short attention span that shit is hard!

I’ve got no photos for the day (unless you’re interested in the pounds of ice hanging off everything I see) but I am sitting on some good stuff. Bullet list anyone?

  • Heather’s papercutting makes me want to die! Not in a bad way but her patience must be insane. She’s been all over blogland the past couple and for good reason. Check it
  • The Bureau of Communication makes me happy beyond belief…
  • City Wendy got a job! I’ve been reading her blog for a good year or two now and I’m a serious follower of Awesome! so I’m stoked she’s now working here
  • I’m keeping a serious eye on the D*Sponge Guest Blog for the next few days, all the while dreaming of living in the rainy (yet not icy!) city of Glasgow
  • Is it sad that I’m so eagerly awaiting the release of this book?  And this one?  And eagerly is really an understatement – I think when they both come out I’ll host a party (most likely attended by just three guests: me, myself, and I) even though I had shit to do with either of them…

That’s all for today folks (I think).  Stay tuned for tomorrow though, there should be some real progress to brag about if I’m to be stuck in the house all day with a toddler who should most certainly take a VERY LONG nap due to the fact that he was up all night coughing and asking for random toys that I couldn’t see in the dark…