Sweet mother of God, have you seen this weather?!  I know, I know, I’ve lived my entire life in nothing but midwest winters but lord, they never cease to depress or amaze me.  One would think I’d be used to 70 degrees on a Tuesday and 4 degrees on a Wednesday but seriously?  Yesterday was decent – cold as hell, but decent in that we could actually still bundle up and leave the house if need be – but today is just ridiculous.  Last year this time we were hit with a massive ice storm (not just snow people, ICE!) and for over a week The Bug and I were without power.  We were some of the luckier residents on the street because we live on natural gas (don’t get me started on how this is negatively effecting our enormous utility bills this winter) and that meant that we still had heat and hot water and a stove on which to cook.  This also meant that though we weren’t hoping the generator didn’t give out, we were providing half the damn town with regular showers and meals.

Anyway, today looks dreary.  The ice, within a mere half hour, has already piled up outside and just walking across the street to steal some sugar for my morning coffee proved almost too treacherous.  This also means that because this is such an old town and the wiring throughout is frayed and fragile, we’ll most likely lose power at some point…and that may last for who knows how long.  And candle living, my friends, is not my idea of a good time…

So I thought, in keeping up with my goal, I should pop in early (even before I’m awake really, mind you!) and get this done lest the lights start to flicker and things get dark.


{It’s even worse now, in the 20 minutes it took me to upload the damn photo and stick it here.  Midwest winters blow…}


And because I’m crafty and this here is my crafty blog, some baggy goodness…

{Good Days Bag.  More Purdy inspiration and some of those vintage hand sewn quilt squares.  For the shop opening, 2.15}


If there’s power tomorrow (and there will be as I’m currently willing it so via Jedi mind tricks) I’ll be back.  Enjoy your most likely ice free day my friends :)…