This time around, I’m trying to make sure that I reserve the weekends (but only the weekends, mind you) for things that aren’t work. I’m thinking maybe that’ll stave off the burnout because I’ve got days that I’m allowing myself to be okay about not working and because it might help to establish some sort of routine for me (even though I hate those!). I’m also trying to make sure that I put this down, the work and crafting and the general day to day-ness that is our lives, as cliche as that sounds.  I dig being able to go back and read about how I was feeling and what The Bug and I were doing. So even though today, being Sunday and all, is a play day I’m still here! With some good stuff too, friends…

It may sound weird but I literally cannot work if I don’t have something to listen to and typically, it’s harder for me to get into most songs that I’ve heard before. Believe me they’ve all had their fifteen minutes of Homegrown home fame and they’ve certainly served their purpose if they’ve helped me to get something done, but I prefer playlist of fresh, new tunes that get me excited, one that I can keep on for a good few days at least and still feel that silly urge to sing along. Inspiration, for me especially, is hard to come by for some reason but something good to groove on brings that creativity right up to the service. Lately, it’s really been about Andrew Bird. I’ve been slowly stumbling upon tracks from his latest record, Armchair Aprocrypha, and I’ve yet to meet one tune I dislike – if you’re into rock made with lilting whistles, violins, and just general badass-ness (I mean, how many dudes that sing about Scythians and hypothetical forms of matter actually come off as being completely rad?), you’ll dig it. There is of course Joe, as that’s been in constant rotation for a good 4 months now and I don’t see that changing anytime soon – it is seriously perfect folk, I swear to God. The Handsome Furs are I’ll admit, a set I didn’t think I could get into but lo and behold, I love it and it’s really good for those days when it’s raining or snowing and I’m just generally pissed off – makes you feel better somehow, I promise. And the New Buffalo is well, new around here. I stumbled upon this at this morning, of all places (hey, I only go there for the music!).

{dark matter – Andrew Bird from the album, Armchair Apocrypha :: buy}

{just can’t get it right today – Joe Purdy from the folktastic album, You Can Tell Georgia (sound familiar?) :: buy}

{what we had – the handsome furs, from the amazing album, Plague Park :: buy}

{cheer me up, thank you – new buffalo, from the album somewhere, anywhere :: buy}


There’s that and then there’s this. Some inspirational flikr-e-ness! I’ve been dreaming of swimming, the sun and it’s warmth, outdoor festivals, and traveling to destinations that are within are reach lately…

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