Not to be too much of a piggy-backer but recently SouleMama devoted her blog to sort of detailing her life everyday for 30 days.  It was quite beautiful and inspiring over there, I must admit, what with all the pictures and anecdotes about life and I thought to myself, “Self, you must totally swipe that idea!”…

So here we are and today I’m starting ::30 days of the {homegrown} life::.  This is great for me for a couple reasons.  One, it means that I must actually do something everyday that is semi-interesting.  I mean yes, with The Bug is certainly interesting but detailing me chasing him around and picking up his trail of Cheez-Its probably isn’t going to entertain you, dear reader, for too very long.  Second, this means I must sew…and get used to my camera again.  One of the toughest things about running a store and putting your handmade goods out there for people to pick apart is making sure that your pictures make people want to look at them.

Speaking of sewing I’ve been doing some of that lately and currently I should be getting The Bug and myself ready for a shopping trip for oodles of more fabric.  Oh oh, on the topic of fabric, did you see this this morning?!  I’ll admit, Anna’s fabric collections in the past, while always absolutely gorgeous, weren’t really my style but the new stuff, especially the Shadow fabric, is so awesome.  I’ve got to wait until March, I think, to get some of it in my hands but you bet I’ll be first in line to pick up at the very least that print.

Anyway, I’ll pop in later for Day One of ::30 days of the {homegrown} life:: but I just wanted to stop in quickly and get it down here, you know, hold myself accountable.  See you soon 🙂